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Graduate Courses

The complete list of neuroscience courses offered by the participating units which fulfill the Collaborative Specialization requirements can be found on the SGS Neuroscience Program Website.  Please note that not all courses are offered each year.

The timetable of offered courses is updated as information from the participating department becomes available. Please contact the appropriate departments for availability and enrolment information and to confirm course times/locations.

Neuroscience courses available to CSIN Students

Applied Psychology & Human Development
APD 3286H Developmental Neurobiology
APD 1238H Special Topics in Human Development & Applied Psychology:
Neuroscience & Education: Bridging the Gap

Computer Science
CSC 2515
Intro to Machine Learning

CSC 2506
Uncertainty and Learning

CSC 2523
Object Modeling and Recognition: Deep Learning in Computer Vision

CSC 2545  Kernel Methods and Support Vector Machines

DEN 1060H Oral Physiology: Sensory and Neuromuscular Function

BME 1460H Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy: Theory and Application to Live Cell Imaging  
BME 1462 Biological Image Analysis 
BME 1466 Advanced Topics in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
BME 1471H Rehabilitation Engineering
BME 1472H Fundamentals of Neuromodulation Technology and Clinical Applications   
BME 1473H  Acquisition and Processing of Bioelectric Signals   
JEB 1444H Neural Engineering

Institute of Medical Science
MSC 1006H Introduction to Anatomical Organization of the Brain
MSC 1081H Studies in Schizophrenia

MSC 1085H Molecular Approaches to Mental Health and Addictions
MSC 1086H Integrative perspectives in Conciousness and Self-Awareness
MSC 1087H Neuroimaging Methods using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MSC 1088H Brain Positron Emission Tomography
MSC 6000H Special Topics (Reading Course) Note: Requires prior permission of the Neuroscience Program Director Offered each term.  The student would need to meet with a graduate coordinator to go over their course proposal.

Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology

LMP 1209H Neurodegenerative Disease
Was LMP2222H

MUS 2122H Music and the Brain
MUS 7110H Neuroscience Of Music: Scientific Foundations, Clinical Translations 

Pharmacology & Toxicology
JPM 1005Y Behavioural Pharmacology

JNP1017 Current Topics in Molecular and Biochemical Toxicology
JNP1018 Molecular and Biochemical Basis of Toxicology

JNR 1444Y Fundamentals of Neuroscience: Cellular and Molecular
[PhD required course]

JNS 1000Y Fundamentals of Neuroscience: Systems and Behaviour
[PhD required course]

JYG1555H Advanced Topics: Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
PSL 1024H Advanced Topics: Endocrinology and Neuroendocrinology
PSL 1026H Advanced Topics: Experimental Cell Physiology
PSL 1047H Advanced Topics: Somatosensory and Pain Neuroscience
PSL 1050H Advanced Topics: The Hippocampus from Cell to Behaviour
PSL 1053H Advanced Topics: Critical Assessment of Ion Channel Function
PSL 1068H Advanced Topics: Molecular Basis of Behaviour
PSL 1071H Advanced Topics: Computational Neuroscience
PSL 1075H Biology in Time
PSL 1441H Systems Level Neuroplasticity
PSL 1445H Mechanistic Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience
PSL 1446H Molecular & Cellular Aspects of Neural Disorders
PSL 1452H Fundamentals of Ion Channel Function

PSY 1200H
Selected Topics in Psychology: Introduction to Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Cognitive Neuroscience

PSY 5101H Mechanisms of Behaviour
PSY 5103H Learning and Plasticity
PSY 5104H Neuropsychology
PSY 5110H Advanced Topics in Behavioural Neuroscience I
PSY 5111H Advanced Topics in Behavioural Neuroscience II
PSY 5112H Advanced Topics in Behavioural Neuroscience III

PSY 5120H Advanced Topics in Animal Behaviour and Motivation II
PSY 5121H Advanced Topics in Animal Behaviour and Motivation II
PSY 5130H Advanced Topics in Neuropsychology I
PSY 5131H Advanced Topics in Neuropsychology II
PSY 5132H Advanced Topics in Neuropsychology III

PSY 5201H Audition
PSY 5202H Vision
PSY 5203H Higher Cognition: Cognitive Neuroscience

PSY 5204H Attention and action

PSY 5205H Theories of Memory
PSY 5210H Advanced Topics in Perception I
PSY 5211H Advanced Topics in Perception II
PSY 5212H Advanced Topics in Perception III
PSY 5220H Advanced Topics in Cognition I

PSY 5221H Advanced Topics in Cognition II
PSY 5222H Advanced Topics in Cognition III

PSY 5310H Advanced Topics in Development I
PSY5311HF Advanced Topics in Developmental II

Rehabilitation Science
REH 5100H Introduction to Cognitive Rehabilitation Neuroscience I    
REH 5102H Cognitive Rehabilitation Neuroscience II
REH 1510H Disordered Restorative Motor Control

PhD Course Requirements

As per the CSIN requirements, all PhD students must complete at least 1.0 full-course equivalent from the List of PhD Core Courses