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Graduate Student Committees

CPIN Graduate Executives

The Constitution of the Collaborative Program in Neuroscience Graduate Executive can be viewed by clicking here

Ekaterina Turlova – Special Events Coordinator
CPIN is unique in its dedication to unifying graduate students in the University of Toronto, specializing in neuroscience, into one flourishing community that nurtures collaboration between students and faculty. Our team of leaders is committed to providing CPIN students with exclusive opportunities to broaden their perspectives on the versatility of neuroscience studies and network with the forerunners of their fields.

Kasey Hemington - Outreach Coordinator
Aside from facilitating neuroscience education at the graduate level, CPIN engages with the public and with students at all levels to further their knowledge of neuroscience and promote interest in the field. One such initiative is the annual high school Brain Bee event.

Vladislav Sekulic and Ayda Ghahremani - Discussion Group Coordinators 
CPIN hosts regular round-table discussion groups focused on key current topics in neuroscience that aim at a functional, yet informal exchange of ideas between neuroscience graduate students across campus.

Vladislav Sekulic - Communications Officer 
To maximize the effectiveness of the collaborative effort and cohesion of the program, we provide news and information to all faculty and students in CPIN, and ensure that this information is shared in a timely fashion through several channels including the CPIN newsletter and Facebook page.
Please contact
vlad.sekulic@utoronto.ca for any news and information you'd like to share. 

Vivek Mahadevan - Cortex Club Coordinator
Cortex Club is a unique seminar series dealing with cutting-edge topics and significant, challenging issues in neuroscience. At each event, an invited speaker is asked to give an informal presentation that is a mixture of novel, technical, speculative, and possibly even controversial work or ideas within neuroscience. This is a unique opportunity for researchers to engage with eminent visiting luminaries, in an informal setting and discuss neuroscience.
Please contact vivek.mahadevan@mail.utoronto.ca for more information.

Tina Behdinan - Secretary

Andrew Barszczyk - Treasurer and Sponsorship Officer

Denis Osipov - Photographer/Videographer 

Alexandre Guet McCreight - Executive at Large  

Dr. Zhong-Ping Feng - Advisor