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2015 CPIN Research Day

The 2015 Collaborative Program In Neuroscience (CPIN) Research Day was held on June 19, 2015 at the Medical Sciences Building at the University of Toronto.

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Sackler Distinguished Visiting Neuroscientist Lecture: Dr. Jeffrey C. Magee
Janelia Research Campus,  
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Keynote Speaker 

Jeffrey C. Magee studied both zoology and philosophy at Louisiana State University (LSU) and then went on to earn a PhD in physiology from Tulane University. During postdoctoral research at Baylor College of Medicine and then back at LSU, where he was on the faculty for 9 years, Magee made considerable contributions to the science of the mind, elucidating many of the ways in which the physical properties of nerve cells enable them to process and store information. In 2006 he joined Janelia where his lab examines how the basic building blocks of nervous systems come together to form neuronal circuits that produce the computations that drive behavior. They are currently exploring how a low-level computation performed by cortical microcircuits produces feature selectivity and neuronal representations in the barrel cortex and hippocampus.  Along the way they have contributed to our understanding of information processing and storage by neuronal microcircuits.

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