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2022 Neuroscience Conference Faculty Registration Form

The 2022 Neuroscience Conference, co-organized by The Southern Ontario Neuroscience Association (SONA), The Max Planck-University of Toronto Centre (MPUTC) for Neural Science and Technology, and the Collaborative Program In Neuroscience (CPIN) at the University of Toronto, will take place virtually on Friday, May 27, 2022. 

Registration is now open to all members of SONA, MPUTC and CPIN. New members are welcome (Please visit the websites of the organizers for new membership)
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Faculty Registration Information
First Name
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Post-Secondary Institution Name
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I am available to judge the presentations session.
If you answered yes above, please select your top 3 preferred research fields for presentations. While we will do our best to match you to presentations in a field you selected, based on the number of faculty judges available, we may need faculty judges to be flexible.
i. Neurophysiology
ii. Neuroanatomy
iii. Neurochemistry and neuropharmacology
iv. Behavioural neuroscience
v. Developmental neuroscience
vi. Cognitive neuroscience
vii. Computational neuroscience
viii. Neurological diseases
ix. Neurotechnology
x. Other (Please describe below)
If you wish to cancel your registration, please email p.neuroscience@utoronto.ca by May 1, 2022.