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Event Date:  June 18-19, 2020
Registration is now open at https://forms.gle/oXa1SXfcnkAytVGU9.Registration is free butmandatory.
The NeuroSymposium isan inter-university initiative started in 2016 that aimed to bring youngneuroscientists from Quebec together for a day of discussion, exchange andcollaboration. This year's edition is going virtual and we are happy to extendan invitation to our colleagues from across the country. On June 18-19, we willbe hosting our traditional student presentations, as well as invited speakersto discuss their work, open science, and a range of topics. Join us to hearfrom Adrian Owen (Western University), Paul Cisek (Université de Montréal),Benjamin Stetcher (University of Cincinnati), Ericka Boone (NIH), BarbaraSibbald (journalist and author), Daniel Himmelstein (University ofPennsylvania), Megnsen Zhang (Stanford University), Samuel Guay (Université deMontréal) & Dylan Roskams-Edris (McGill University).
Information can be found at www.neurosymposium.ca.
Check out our program at https://bit.ly/nsymp2020