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16th Annual Toronto Brain Bee 2014

16th Annual Toronto Brain Bee 2014


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(Photos: Dr. Hong-Shuo Sun)

The 16th Annual Toronto Brain Bee competition took place at the Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories at the University of Toronto on March 28, 2014. 55 students from 15 high schools in the Toronto area participated in the competition.

Following three rounds of questions, the top three winners were: Michael Liu (first place), Catherine Hu (second place) and Andrea Zukowski (third place). Michael and Catherine were from the University of Toronto Schools, while Andrea was representing the Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts. As the first place winner, Michael Liu will represent Toronto at the 7th Annual CIHR Canadian National Brain Bee competition (www.brainbee.ca), which will take place at McMaster University in Hamilton on May 31, 2014.

The 2014 Brain Bee competition was sponsored by the Collaborative Program in Neuroscience, the Department of Physiology and the Division of Anatomy at the University of Toronto and the Firefly Foundation. The students were welcomed by Professor Zhong-Ping Feng (Coordinator of Toronto Brain Bee, Department of Physiology) and Ms. Sharon Zillmer (Program Manager, Firefly Foundation). The Brain Bee competition was hosted by Andrew Barszczyk (Graduate student, Physiology) and Maddie Lynch (Graduate student, LMP).

Between the first and second rounds of questions, the students visited the Anatomy Museum at the Division of Anatomy, watched the videos of 2011 Toronto Brain Bee winners and their experience in the University of Toronto (produced by Firefly Foundation). Three short research presentations were given by graduate students, Sean Haffey (Physiology, Orser lab), Ekaterina Turlova (Physiology, Sun lab), and Laura Vecchio (Pharmacology, Salahpour/Grant labs).

The event was organized by 7 faculty members, 19 graduate students and other trainee volunteers. The faculty members who served as the judges of the competitions are Drs. Jonathan Dostrovsky (Professor Emeritus Physiology), Zhong-Ping Feng (Physiology), William Ju (Human Biology), Fang Liu (IMS/Psychiatry), Amy Ramsey (Pharmacology), Ali Salahpour (Pharmacology), and Hong-Shuo Sun (IMS/Surgery-Anatomy). The trainee volunteers include Andrew Barszczyk (Physiology; Feng lab; MC), Yuxiao Chen (Pharmacology;Ramsey/Nobrega labs), Marielle Deurloo (Physiology; Feng lab), David Endell (Med. Sch.; Feng lab), Kasey Hemington (IMS, Davis lab), Terence Kai Ying Lai (IMS; Fang Liu lab), Vincent Lam (Pharmacology; Salahpour/J Mitchell lab), James Li (Surgery-Anatomy), Maddie Lynch (LMP; Aubert lab; Co-MC), Catharine Mielnik (Pharmacology; Ramset/Grant lab), Tatyana Mollayeva (Physiology; Sun Lab), Denis Osipov (Physiology; Salter lab; Photographer), Mao Otake (Med. Sch.; Sun lab), Shannon Roberts (Surgery-Anatomy; Agur lab), Ekaterina Turlova (Physiology; Sun lab), Laura Vecchio (Pharmacology; Salahpour lab), Dulcie Vousden (MBP; Lerch lab) and Jessica Zung (Neuroscience Undergrad; Former Toronto Brain Bee Winner).

The organization committee of the 2014 Toronto Brain Bee comprised of: Suhail Asrar (CPIN Office), Isabelle Aubert (Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology), Morgan Barense (Psychology), Andrew Barszczyk (Graduate student, Physiology), Jonathan Dostrovsky (Professor Emeritus Physiology; Advisor), Zhong-Ping Feng (Physiology; Committee Chair), Kasey Hemington (Graduate Student, IMS), William Ju (Human Biology), Fang Liu (IMS/Psychiatry), Amy Ramsey (Pharmacology), Ali Salahpour (Pharmacology) and Hong-Shuo Sun (IMS/Surgery-Anatomy).

2014 Toronto Brain Bee Awards


Top 5 Toronto Brain Bee winners:

1st place          Michael Liu (University of Toronto Schools)

2nd place         Catherine Hu (University of Toronto Schools)

3rd place          Andrea Zukowski (Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts)

4th place          Olivia Ly (University of Toronto Schools)

5th place          Spencer Zhao (University of Toronto Schools)


Novice Award winner:

Spencer Zhao (University of Toronto Schools)

Top ranking participants according to school:

Diana Varyvoda (Bishop Allen Academy)

Evelyn Wang (Branksome Hall)

Andrea Zukowski (Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts)

Aadil Sheikh (Glenforest Secondary School)

Anuhea Sridharan (Northern Secondary School)

Michael Liu (University of Toronto Schools)

Hawa Latuke (York Memorial Collegiate Institute)


Teacher Recognition Awards:

Michelle Blais (Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts)

Mark Harding (York Memorial Collegiate Institute)

Anand Mahadevan (University of Toronto Schools)


Graduate Student Leadership Award in Outreach Program:

Andrew Barszczyk (Department of Physiology, University of Toronto)

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