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12th Annual Toronto Brain Bee 2010

The University of Toronto Neuroscience Program (UTNP) hosted the 12th annual neuroscience competition, Brain Bee, for local high school students on Friday, March 26th, 2010. Thirty two students from fourteen different GTA secondary schools took part in this live competition modeled after a "spelling bee".

The first place winner was Elena Mamycheva from York Memorial Collegiate Institute. Second place went to Soohyun Park from the University of Toronto Schools and third place to Louisa Wang from AY Jackson Secondary School. The winner of our local contest, Elena Mamycheva, will take part in the 3rd Annual CIHR Canadian National Brain Bee competition (www.brainbee.ca), which will take place at McMaster University in Hamilton on May 28-29, 2010, where the winners from other University-sponsored competitions in Canada will be participating.

The winner of the National Brain Bee will then represent Canada at the International Brain Bee Competition (www.internationalbrainbee.com) which will be held in association with the American Psychological Association's Convention in San Diego, California August 12-15, 2010. In the 11-year history of the IBB, three of our U of T brain bee winners also won first place in the IBB.

The U of T competition was organized by Professor Jonathan Dostrovsky, past-Director of PIN with the help of UTNP faculty members: Drs. Isabelle Aubert, Morgan Barense, Eve De Rosa, Emma Duerden and Zhong-Ping Feng. Many thanks go to UTNP graduate students who volunteered at the Bee: Mila Aleksic, Marie Arsalidou, Susan Fan, Sarah Figley, Kathy Li, Tom Lu, Paul Nagy, Nasrin Nejatbakhsh and Kuang Da Zhu. We would like to extend a special thanks to Marie Arsalidou, Tom Lu and Kuang Da Zhu for also giving presentations on their research. Finally, a very special thanks goes to Frazer Howard, the Program Administrator for UTNP, for all of his contributions to the success of the Brain Bee.