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CPIN Volunteer Teaching Opportunity: NeuroSci 101

This form is now closed - submissions will no longer be considered for the 2020-2021 term 

CPIN High School Outreach Program: NeuroSci 101 - Call for Volunteer Lecturers 

NeuroSci 101 (http://www.neuroscience.utoronto.ca/events/course.htm) is a neuroscience course for high-school students and an integral component of the outreach program organized by the CPIN since 2010. The course has been instrumental in successfully introducing neuroscience concepts to young minds in an accessible manner, as well as preparing participants for the Toronto Brain Bee competition (http://www.neuroscience.utoronto.ca/events/brainbee.htm). Over the years, the contribution of CPIN student and postdoctoral members has been critical to the success and acclaim that the neuroscience course has achieved.

For this academic year (2020-21), NeuroSci 101 will run virtually from October 26th, 2020 to March 22nd, 2021. The series will cover 12 lectures plus 2 review sessions (http://www.neuroscience.utoronto.ca/events/course.htm).Volunteer teachers will gain valuable teaching skills by designing and delivering an interactive lecture to high-school students in an area related to their research interests.

If you are interested in a volunteer lecture position, please fill out the below online application form by Wednesday, October 7, 2020. 

The expected lecturer responsibilities include:

  • Attending a virtual group orientation meeting prior to start of course. Fall lecturers will attend an orientation session in Fall 2020. Winter lecturers will attend a Winter orientation session in Winter 2021. Details for the sessions will be sent to successful lecturer applicants. 
  • Being  familiar with the topic that is considered for teaching
  • Providing lecture slides to the NeuroSci 101 coordinator 2 weeks before lecture, and meet with the coordinator to discuss the lecture content, if applicable
  • Giving a 1-1.5 hour lecture at the pre-scheduled time for the given topic (session dates and topics are available at http://www.neuroscience.utoronto.ca/events/course.htm )
  • Attending the respective pre-scheduled review session (mid-term or final)
  • Responding to high-school student questions during and after lecture
  • Providing 5-10 thoughtful questions (related to your lecture topic) that can potentially be used in the Toronto Brain Bee competition

This year, NeuroSci 101 will be organized by CPIN graduate students Jonathon Chio (Institute of Medical Science), Dipa Chatterjee (Pharmacology), Julia Bandura (Physiology).

Please contact Jonathon (neurosci101cpin@gmail.com) if you have any specific questions on the lecturer responsibilities.

Please contact the CPIN Office (p.neuroscience@utoronto.ca) if you have any specific questions on filling the application form. 

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