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Distinguished Lectureship Series 1998-99

Date | September 17 1998 
Topic | Noise enhanced sensory function 
Speaker | Dr. JAMES COLLINS Boston University

Date | October 14 1998 
Topic | How two visual stimuli conjointly control the discharge of hippocampal place cells 
Speaker | Dr. ROBERT U. MULLER Department of Physiology SUNY Health Science Centre Brooklyn New York

Date | October 29 1998
Topic | Activity-Dependent Conductances in Neurons and Networks
Speaker | Dr. LARRY ABBOTT Brandeis University Director of the Volen Center for Complex Systems

Date | November 17 1998 
Topic | Ion Currents After Kindling Epileptogenesis and in Pharmacoresistent Patients
Speaker | Dr. WYTSE WADMAN Institute for Neurobiology University of Amsterdam Netherlands

Date | February 4 1999 
Topic | Cerebral Cortical Neuronal Mechanisms for the Control of Voluntary Arm Movements: Deciding What to do and How to do it
Speaker | Dr. JOHN KALASKA Ctr. Recherche Sci Neurologique. Univ. de Montreal

Date | March 2 1999
Topic | Epileptogenesis in a Rat Model with Spontaneous Limbic Seizures
Speaker | Dr. FERNANDO LOPES DA SILVA Institute of Neurobiology Faculty of Biology University of Amsterdam

Date | March 23 1999
Topic | Impact of Photoreceptor Loss and Repair in Rodent Models of Human Retinal Degenerative Diseases
Speaker | Dr. RAY LUND Department of Pathology Institute of Ophthalmology London England

Date | April 26 1999
Topic | Imaging Pain Perception in the Human Brain
Speaker | Dr. M. CATHERINE BUSHNELL Department of Anesthesia McGill University

Date | May 27 1999
Topic | The Action is in the Dendrites: New Principles for Dendritic Function in Hippocampus
Speaker | Dr. DANIEL JOHNSTON Division of Neuroscience Baylor College of Medicine Houston Texas