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Distinguished Lectureship Series 2002-03

Date | November 8 2002 
Topic | Disentangling neuronal mechanisms with in vivo gene transfer: Insights into cardiovascular regulation
Location | FitzGerald Building Room 103, 150 College Street
Speaker | Dr. JULIAN PATON Department of Physiology University of Bristol

Date | December 5 2002 
Topic | Thyroid Toxicology: PCB Effects on Thyroid Hormone Signaling in the Developing Brain
Location | Medical Sciences Building, Room 3153 University of Toronto
Speaker | Dr. TOM ZOELLER University of Massachusetts Amherst MA

Date | December 20 2002 
Topic | The Multiple Steps of Synaptogenesis: Changes in Glutamate Synapses as the Visual Pathway Refines
Location | Main Auditorium Hospital for Sick Children
Speaker | Dr. MARTHA CONSTANTINE-PATON Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge MA 

Date | February 3 2003 
Topic | Energy Metabolism and Calcium Signaling in Neuronal Plasticity and Survival
Location | Tanz Neuroscience Building Room 6 University of Toronto
Speaker | Dr. MARK MATTSON National Institute on Aging Baltimore MD

Date | February 27 2003 
Topic | Bootstrapping from the signal into language: Behavioural and imaging studies with infants and adults.
Location | Main Auditorium Hospital for Sick Children
Speaker | Dr. JANET F. WERKER Professor and Canada Research Chair Department of Psychology University of British Columbia

Date | March 5 2003 
Topic | Sex Differences: From Anatomy to Memory
Location | Sidney Smith Hall 100 St. George St. Room 2102 University of Toronto
Speaker | Dr. TRACEY J. SHORS Rutgers University 

Date | March 21 2003
Topic | Imaging the effects of stimulant drugs in the human brain
Location | Clark Auditorium 250 College Street, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Speaker | Dr. NORA VOLKOW Associate Director for Life Sciences Brookhaven National Laboratory Upton New York

Date | April 23 2003
Topic | The role of the prefrontal cortex in memory processing
Location | Sidney Smith Hall Room 2117 100 St. George St. , University of Toronto
Speaker | Dr. MICHAEL PETRIDES McGill University