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Distinguished Lectureship Series 2008-09

Date | Wednesday September 17, 2008
Topic | Schizophrenia: From genes to brain
Speaker | Dr. DANIEL WEINBERGER Clinical Brain Disorders Branch, National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), Bethesda, MD

Date | Friday October 17, 2008
Topic | Serotonin neurons, breathing and arousal: Implications for sudden infant death syndrome 
Speaker | Dr. GEORGE RICHERSON Department of Neurology, Yale University, New Haven, CT 

Date | Wednesday November 5, 2008
Topic | Experience (and genes) shape Human Brain Development and Function
Speaker | Dr. HELEN NEVILLE Department of Psychology, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 

Date | Friday January 23, 2009 2pm
Topic | Synapse evolution and the emergence of plasticity and behaviour
Speaker | Dr. SETH GRANT Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK

Date | Wednesday February 25, 2009
Topic | Astrocytes Alive!
Speaker | Dr. MAIKEN NEDERGAARD University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

Date | Wednesday March 25, 2009
Topic | Transcriptional and Epigenetic Mechanisms of Addiction
Speaker | Dr. ERIC NESTLER Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY 


Date | Thursday April 2, 2009
Topic | Ca++ signals and short-term synaptic plasticity in the central nervous system
Speaker | Dr. ERWIN NEHER Max Planck Institute, Göttingen Germany, 1991 Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology and Medicine 
Host | Dr. Lu-Yang Wang 

Date | Thursday April 16, 2009
Topic | mGluR7, a bidirectional switch controlling plasticity in a hippocampal feedforward inhibitory circuit
Speaker | Dr. CHRIS McBAIN National Institutes of Health Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Program in Developmental Neuroscience, Bethesda, Maryland USA 

Date | Thursday May 7, 2009
Topic | The brain’s mechanisms for mapping and remembering the spatial environment
Speaker | Dr. MAY-BRITT MOSER Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway

Date | Wednesday June 24, 2009
Topic | Thinking Differently about Schizophrenia
Speaker | Dr. BITA MOGHADDAM University of Pittsburgh