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UofT Neuroscience Seminars

Upcoming Neuroscience Seminars

December 2018

Krembil Seminar Series (see event flyer here)
Speaker | Michael Tymianski, MD, PhD, Senior Scientist, Krembil Research Institute, University Health Network
Title | From target discovery to phase 3 pivotal trials: development of PSD95 inhibitors for the treatment of acute stroke
Date | Friday, December, 7, 2018
Time | 1:00 PM
Location | Main Auditorium, West Wing, 2nd floor, Rm 401, Toronto Western Hospital   
Host | Dr. Peter Carlen, MD, FRCPC,
Professor,Neuroscience Platform, Department of Physiology, UofT; Senior Scientist, Research Division Head, Krembil Research Institute, UHN

Krembil Centre for Neuroinformatics Seminar (abstract attached)
Speaker | Kiret Dhindsa, PhD,Postdoctoral Fellow, Research and High-Performance Computing & Department of Surgery, McMaster University; Postgraduate Affiliate, Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Title | Machine Learning and Neurotechnology for Mental Health: Characterization, Personalization, and Co-Adaptation
Date | Friday, December 7, 2018
Time | 1:15-2:15 PM

Location | Room 801, 250 College Street, 8th floor
Host |
Dr. Sean Hill, Professor, Brain and Therapeutics, Department of Psychiatry, UofT; Director, Krembil Centre for Neuroinformatics, CAMH

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